Joan, 105, with her Bridge buddies Henry and Stephen

Joan is my mother-in-law. At 105, she remains one of the most connected people I know. She remembers all her children’s and grandchildren’s birthdays and still sends them hand written cards. A little earlier these days as snail mail lives up to its name.

She is considering making the pandemic-enforced…

My recent rant about ice breakers generated quite a response.

I said that icebreakers free ships, not people. And yes, it’s spelt differently.

Judging by the response I got, a lot of people feel the same. …

⚠ Warning: rant ahead…

Icebreakers free ships, not people.

Those dreaded words, ‘Let’s start with an ice-breaker’ land as awkwardly as any dad joke.

Most people will roll their eyes. Some will panic and look for the exit.

So why do we insist? Probably because ‘icebreaker’ is there in black…


Aretha Franklin nailed it.

‘R-e-s-p-e-c-t / Find out what it means to me.’

It is the perfect theme song for the fallout from the AUKUS deal on nuclear-powered submarines recently announced by Joe, Boris and Scott. The announcement came as a surprise to Australians and to our neighbours in…

Donald Trump’s recent conversations with G7 and NATO partners prompts a few reminders about partnership basics.

It’s a given that organisations need to invest time, effort and money into onboarding new staff to set them up for success. Make them feel welcome, help them get to know the culture and align expectations. Partnerships also need such induction processes.

A new person can bring fresh insights. They…

Jacinta Cubis

I design and facilitate gatherings that create gold.

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